The Maso Thaler wines are made entirely from our own grapes: Pinot Noir Alto Adige DOCChardonnay DOC, Manzoni White IGT, Iuturna White Alto Adige DOC, and Sauvignon DOC. The peculiar orientation of the vineyards on a South by Southwest slope, allows the several varietals to reach perfect ripeness, while their characteristic acidity guarantees freshness, flavor fulness and long life to all our wines.

Maso Thaler Pinot Nero.jpg

Pinot Nero
Alto Adige DOC

Maso Thaler Sauvignon.jpg

Alto Adige DOC

Maso Thaler Chardonnay.jpg

Alto Adige DOC

Maso Thaler Incrocio Manzoni.jpg

Manzoni Bianco
Mitterberg IGT